LeenTech offers warranty management software for manufacturing companies

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LeenTech develops warranty management applications for the manufacturing industry and Third Party Administrators, specialising in quality and warranty management systems for OEM's with worldwide dealer networks.

Our products are aimed at helping you with your warranty process management, and we believe our applications are more cost effective and user friendly than most alternative solutions. Companies often lack focused warranty management software with many relying on spreadsheets and databases which have been developed ad hoc over a long period of time. Others will persevere with fragmented legacy systems which are no longer fit for purpose because the perceived alternatives are too expensive. Warranty management applications offered by large software companies are not only expensive, but are often implemented by consultants with limited experience of warranty process management.

Warranty management software from LeenTech is designed to streamline manufacturing warranty and quality management in a cost effective and efficient manner. We have created 4 products that are as flexible as they are powerful.

Software as a Service

All LeenTech solutions are provided as Software as a Service ( SaaS) with a transaction based maintenance pricing with unlimited number of users.

Customer Support

We are dedicated to customer service and it is our aim to be available to support you and your team every step of the way. Our customer service covers software configuration, deployment and day to day system operation and we have an excellent record for this.


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